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Efficiency Optimized Cooling Fans
Development of efficiency optimized cooling fans focuses on minimizing losses inherent in motor and impeller design, but the work almost always begins with application-specific goals.

Beneficial results of efficiency improvement efforts are available over a wide slice of a fan's performance curve. They peak near an operating point - air flow at pressure - set by requirements of an equipment production program that inspired the research. The redesign may have ancillary objectives (noise reduction, vibration dampening, etc.), but characteristics outside the project's range of interest are allowed to float to other levels as efficiency tradeoffs.

While brushless dc motors with efficiencies greater than 70 percent are not uncommon, axial fan impellers that are more than 50 percent efficient are rare. Overall, fan efficiency is the product of motor and impeller figures; that is: ηfan= ηmotor× ηimpeller.  <More>
Efficiency Optimized Cooling Fans
Among interrelated design elements that warrant close scrutiny and experimentation in optimizing brushless dc motors are:

  — Motor Diameter
  — Core Material and Lamination (reduce iron losses)
  — Magnet Material, Size, Degree of Magnetization and Air Gap
  — Motor Geometry - Number of Slots & Poles (cut copper losses)

Efficiency Optimized Cooling Fans
In general, impeller efficiency increases as the diameter of a fan's hub and the number of its impeller blades decrease. The relationships are complex, since these factors are the primary determinants of the shape, angle and pitch of the airfoils that translate rotational movement into laminar flow.

Reducing the number of impeller blades tends to diminish significant losses caused by the generation of vortices at the trailing edges, but it also tends to lower the air output velocity and increase the rotational movement of air, which is counterproductive and often necessitates higher fan speed to meet air flow requirements.

Well-designed stationary impellers of vane axials can recover a third or more of the rotational loss associated with blade-count reduction, so that type of housing takes good advantage of the efficency boost. Dual in-line counter-rotating fans do an even better job of it.
Efficiency Optimized Cooling Fans Nidec UltraFlo 40 x 56mm dual in-line counter-rotating fanNidec UltraFlo 40 x 56mm DICR - R40W CA
efficiency gain of new fans as a function of air flow
  •  Up to 30% Lower Power Requirement
  •  Peak Efficiency Gains in Prime Operating Ranges
  •  40mm DICRs, 60mm, 80mm and 120mm Vane Axial Fans

Nidec 60 x 38mm V60E_B5 FanNidec 80 x 38mm V80E_A5 FanNidec 120 x 38mm V12E_B5 Fan<Back>

New UltraFlo™ fans from Nidec are designed to answer worldwide demand for efficient cooling solutions for a wide variety of applications in information technology and consumer electronics.

The rapidly expanding performance of servers, PCs, and consumer electronics is accompanied by increased heat output from more densely packed computer equipment and compact electronic systems. Thermal cooling efficiency directly relates to the life expectancy of electronic devices, so unparalleled demand exists today for energy efficient cooling fans that deliver high air flow at high static pressure with an almost inaudible decibel level.

UltraFlo is a dedicated cooling solution that meets heat removal challenges by achieving industry-leading levels of air performance and quietness.

UltraFlo models are currently offered as tube axial fans, vane axial fans, and hybrid designs with ball bearings or with the company's newly developed NBRX sleeve bearings.

NBRX is an oil-impregnated, sintered-metal sleeve bearing developed from earlier NBR (Nidec Bearing Revolution) technology. It uses a lubricant that is highly resistant to breakdown and evaporation, making the bearing significantly less subject to wear. The NBRX design also uses strong vertical magnetic force to stabilize spin-axis orientation of the fan impeller shaft, enabling extremely low vibration in high-speed rotation.

™ UltraFlo is a brand trademark of Nidec Corporation.

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